For many patients, taking an impression is associated with an unpleasant feeling. The main reason for this is the sticky impression mass that is placed in a metal spoon and hardens to create a precise impression of the jaw with the teeth placed on it. This model is used to make a precise and accurate […]

Why we should choose fully guided digital implantology? Dental implants are the best option for patients to replace missing or compromised teeth. Implants are a permanent, not a temporary solution (like fillings for example) to a dental problem. It has been proven that 98% of all placed implants are successful manipulations. The remaining 2% of […]

Our patients often ask us if there is an alternative to dentures if they are missing multiple teeth on one or both of their jaws. Unfortunately, more and more young people are facing this problem. The answer is – yes, there is such a reliable and good alternative to dentures and it is “All-On-4”As can […]

Advantages of the digitalized work process in dental medicine Talks about digitalization of processes in all spheres of life are a hot topic. n the last year and a half with the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, these conversations have already taken on a real impact on the lives of each of us. This largely […]

Advantages of the digitally made crown Very often the advantages of a process being digital and not analog are emphasized. This applies to area of our lives, from working with the state administration, through banking and to the simple things like listening to music. The advantages in the above are already indisputable and well-known. However, […]