Dental repair

Aesthetic filling with laser 160
Aesthetic Inlay / Overlay 500
Seal with glass-ionomer cement 60
Laser treatment of sensitive teeth 30
Removal of metal-ceramic crown 60
Removal of a ceramic crown or a veneer with a laser 90
Dental repair after

Orthodontic treatment

Cosmetic dental treatment after
Treatment planning in CAD software 500
Clear Aligner for 1 splint 250
Retainer 300

Dental surgery

Single-root extraction 100
Multi-root extraction 150
Temporary tooth extraction 50
Extraction of a broken tooth 250
Extraction of wisdom tooth 400
Extraction of impacted wisdom tooth 600
Membrane 350
Sinus lift with laser 1,200
Bone substitute for 1 gram 350
Implant with laser 1,250
abutment 300
Apical osteotomy 350
Osteoplasty on a tooth with laser 350
Tissue graft 250
Laser pericoronitis treatment 100
Treatment of periimplantitis 400
Anesthesia 700
All on 4 Inquiry
Permanent bridge on "All on 4" Inquiry
Dental surgery after

Cosmetic dental treatment

Dental repair after
Digital Smile design 900
Composite veneer 200
Laminate veneer 500
Crown 500
Gingival sculpting 100
Splint and whitening gel 300
Whitening gel - one syringe 20
Temporary crown 100


Calculus cleaning with laser 150
Curettage with a laser on a quadrant 300
Test for periodontal disease 200
Orthodontic treatment after


Root canal treatment after
Removing filling from root canal 100
Removing a pin from a root canal 100
Root canal shaping 100
Laser sterilization of a root canal 100
Root canal filling 50
Endodontic whitening 100
Filling the root canal with calcium 50
Removing a broken instrument from a root canal 400
Biological treatment 100
Treatment of perforation 250

Other dental services

Primary examination 50
Emergency examination 100
3D intraoral scan 50
Anaesthesia 10
Allergy test 10
Temporary filling 10
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Discount Packages

Complete restoration of the smile

according to your wishes. In this case, the cost of the initial examination, intraoral scanning and smile design (DSD) are free. You save 1000 BGN.


With a complete treatment with Clear Aligner and Retainer, planning in CAD software is free. You save BGN 500

Prevention with whitening

Includes tartar cleaning, initial examination, intraoral scanning, splints and whitening gel. In the package, the intraoral scan and the initial examination are free of charge. You save BGN 100 .

Family implantological

Every fifth implant in the family is free of charge.

Dental Clinic label

Sofia, Oborishte,

“Vasil Drumev” str.

tel: 0899915986

Dental Clinic label

Sofia, Oborishte,

“Vasil Drumev” str.

tel: 0899915986